Homemade Window Blinds Ideas: Creative & Elegant Ideas For Window Blinds

Creative & Elegant Ideas For Window Blinds

If you are looking for some of the window treatment ideas, then you are in the right place. Here we will help you with some of the creative & elegant ideas that you should try for your window blinds and make them look beautiful & attractive:

Pretty Back Tab Curtains

This option helps to give a modern look to window blinds & looks perfect for the dining room, bedroom, as well as the living room. If the user is able to use the sewing machine for stitching a straight line, then this project will be easy. Simply attach the twill tabs on the top of the edge and then fold it back and after that sewn into place. Within just a few hours, the user can make a custom look.

Pretty Lace Privacy

For adding a bit of privacy without blocking the light, simply lace up to attach it to a wooden frame, this is the easy way of accomplishing this job. All that the user needs is to measure from the inside dimensions of the window as well as build a frame so that it can match. Finally finish by painting the frame using a pretty color, after that attach the fine lace with the staples.

Repurposed Object Curtains

Almost all the curtains can be held up with many options besides the traditional rods. Painted board with the hooks attached can make a stylish yet simple alternative. It looks even better if the board has a weathered look that is got from outdoors for many years. Simply add a tabbed curtain for hanging from the hook of the board and finally, the look is fully complete.

Treatments For A Fast Makeover

In order to perform the makeover of a room, take one yard of the fabric, 4 tension rods as well as some of the fabric glue, for making the Roman shade look. This is an easy process that needs no sewing, yet the user can get the look of a high-end Roman shade. The best part is that the user can get this done in a few minutes.

Mini-Blinds A Makeover

In this, the user can change the old mini-blinds in the Roman shades that are sophisticated. This process will allow the user to make use of the functional side of the mini-blinds while achieving a beautiful look by placing the fabric on top. of it. All that is needed is to remove the few slats and after that glue the fabric with the remaining ones. The final result will be a beautiful treatment for the window which matches the decor perfectly.

Whimsical Balloon Shades

Balloon shades, which are done in fabric, is the best addition to the child’s room. The curves of window treatment help to give it a sophisticated look, but at the same time, the border helps to add a bit of the whimsy. It is the perfect option to cover-up a roller shade while having a pop of the color to the room.

Crisp Roller Shades

Roller shades give a way to add privacy and also controls the light control in any of the rooms. Take a little bit of the fabric paint and then frame all the edges with the help of a darker color. The result will be a transformation of the blah roller shades in the window treatment that is sophisticated.
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