About us

A small firm "Alpha Technologies" which emerged to provide mandatory information of furniture stores & outlets. The aim is to provide every bit of information which is felt required for a user to know about a furniture store.
A business can be intracted by various means & channels which a common user is not aware of. We are in the process of providing all possible help for a user to get connected with a business which he is concerned with.
We are in the job of providing an easy platform for a common customer to know about the store before his interaction in terms of purchase, support, refund, shipping, inquiry, warranty, shipment, return, etc. Usually, customers get connected with general helpline. The general helpline is machine based systems that makes it difficult for a customer to reach to intended person. We solve the problem by providing a direct connection with concerned man & the department.
The help is not only provided by some contact numbers, but also other means like email, "contact us" page of store website and other number of ways to get the full support & service in easy means.

All Help in One Place
  • We try our best to clear every doubt about a furniture store.
  • We offer all possible services and how to avail them in a single page.
  • We help in asking for refund, for cancelation of order, for replacement, etc.
  • We provide the main aspects like return policy, shipment, warranty claim, extend warranty, damage reporting, etc.
  • We provide all important things & services of a store in a single page.