Homemade Floor Cleaner For Mopping: Best Way To Make

The use of heavy chemicals on the floor for cleaning can affect the color and durability of the floor. For the long-lasting durability of the floor, the users can make a homemade cleaning solution for mopping the floor surface.

Steps To Clean The Floor With Homemade Mopping Cleaner

The steps are mentioned below for mopping the floor with a homemade cleaner:
  1. Gather All Tools And Material: The users need to collect all the material and tools for mopping the floor like vinegar, water, rubbing alcohol, dishwashing liquid, spray bottle, microfiber mop, lavender, and lemon essential oil.
  2. Prepare A Solution: Next step is to prepare a mopping solution. The solution is prepared by mixing the ingredients like dishwashing liquid, vinegar, water, rubbing alcohol, lavender, and lemon oil in a bottle. Shake the bottle so that the solution mixes properly.
  3. Apply Solution On Floor: Then the users need to pour the solution in a spray bottle and apply the mopping solution on the floor surface.
  4. Mop The Floor: After applying a thin layer of solution on the floor the users quickly need to mop the floor with the help of a microfiber cloth.
  5. Leave The Floor To Dry: Then the users need to leave the floor to air dry. Washing floor is not necessary.
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