Homemade Mop Solution For Wood Floors: Simple Steps To Make

The cleaning of the hardwood floors can be easily done with a variety of homemade mopping solutions. Application of these homemade cleaning solutions not only helps in keeping the floor clean and shining but also keeps it safe. Alternatively, the flooring can also be cleaned using chemical-based cleaners but they eventually harm the flooring surface and can come with health hazards as well.

Simple Steps To Make Homemade Mop Solution For Wood Floors

A number of different homemade solutions can be made in order to mop the hardwood floors are mentioned below.
  1. Water And Vinegar Solution: Add the equal amounts of the warm water and vinegar to create the solution and mop the floor using the same in order to bring the luster back into it.
  2. Water, Vinegar, Along With Essential Oil: Create the blend of the warm water, vinegar and few drops of the desired essential oil and apply on the floor with clean cloth this will not only clean the floor but also adds the nice fragrance and aroma to it.
  3. Vegetable Oil With Vinegar: If the application of the water is not recommended for the specific hardwood floor than alternatively prepare the solution by adding the vegetable oil and vinegar in a spray bottle to mop the floors.
  4. Vinegar, Water, Liquid Soap: Prepare the solution using water, vinegar, and vegetable oil liquid soap along with the few drops of the essential oil and mix well. This homemade solution exceptionally works well for cleaning hardwood floors that has lots of the grime.
  5. Tea Bags: The tea bags make an exceptional homemade cleaner for the hardwood floors. Just boil the two or three tea bags in water to clean the floor with same.
  6. Lemon Juice And Olive Oil: Add the few drops of the lemon juice and olive oil in the hot water and mix well. Apply the solution to the floor in order to make it lustrous and shine again.
  7. Dish Detergent And Vinegar: Add the dish detergent and vinegar into the water to create the blend and mop the floor with the same.
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