Hang Curtains With Rope: Different Ways Of Hanging Curtains With Rope

Different Ways Of Hanging Curtains With Rope

The user need not to be scared in loosing up the look of the space, simply by replacing the curtain rod with a decorative rope for the purpose of hanging the curtains. Some of the ways of hanging curtains using the rope are mentioned below:

Tension Wire And Cording

  • The tension wire is made specifically for the hanging of the curtain that is light in weight, and besides this, it will work similarly as the curtain rod. It is mostly available as the part of a kit that comes with the hardware for installing both ends of the wire with the wall as well as on the inside of the frame of the window or simply attaching from the ceiling.
  • Tension wire will help to build a minimalist and at the same time modern look, but there are so many techniques that the user can adapt to fit it in any style. Replace all the tension wire with a nautical-style rope, that is usually knotted from both ends all-around or is also anchored with the wall using the cleats.
  • Braided cording, which is available at the decorating and the fabric stores, is the best option for making the curtain tiebacks. Very light in weight, the sheer curtains, like the lace panels, will look beautiful when it is strung on a velvet ribbon. At the several places, the user may require to mount up the rope, ribbon or the cording with the wall all along the length as this will help a lot in preventing curtains from the drooping.
  • For a different approach, take the plastic-coated clothesline length and then hang up the curtains with the help of bright color clothespins. Most of the clothespins will clasp so that the user can still easily slide all along the wire to open as well as to close the curtains.

Another Option

The rope will soften all the lines from all around the frame of the window as well as also helps to relax all the feel of a room. Create the tension on the rope with ends secured directly with the rod brackets of the curtain. The user can make use of the tieback hooks of the curtain to attach the rope down further with the wall. It is highly advisable to not drape heavy curtains at the time of using rope in the place of a rod. Use the curtain rings having the clips for making the opening as well as closing for the curtains. The trick here is to make use of the extra rope to make the matching tiebacks for the curtain.

Fishing Cord

The other best option to hang the curtain without the rod is to use the old fishing rope, which is very strong to hold up the weight of the curtains. In terms of the installation that is very easy, just simply tap the rope in the pair of curtain rod brackets and after that mount the fishing rope as well as the curtains with the window frame.
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