Sliding Shower Door Problems: 4 Common Sliding Shower Door Problems & Their Solutions

4 Common Sliding Shower Door Problems And Their Solutions

If in case the users are having the sliding shower door in their bathroom area, then they need to repair it, if it is having some problem. Most of the problems related to the sliding shower door can be fixed easily and the serious problem requires the professionals to get that problem solved. Here are the basic problems and their solutions related to the shower door:

Problem I: Offline Rollers

Usually, the sliding shower doors slide on the rollers that are adjusted with the tracks. If in case the door roller goes off the track then it won't be possible for the users to bind and unbind the door. The major reason behind this problem usually occurs when the base screws that are holding up the rollers will become unfastened or is missed. The users can easily replace those screws or fasten those screws so as to keep those rollers back on the track.

Problem II: Stuck Door

One of the common reasons behind the stuck door is the blockage in the wheels of the rollers. At certain times the door rollers get very dirty and make it difficult to move. Usually, the soap foam, dirt, and other stick things get collected within the rollers and thus it blocks up its path. The users can easily solve this problem by cleaning up the rollers and to do so they need to affix the crevice tool with their vacuum and then collect up all the dirt and debris particles. They need to scrub down all the leftover dirt by using the wet towel.

Problem III: Bent Track

The tracks that are bend in the outwards or in the inward direction will eventually forbid the door from getting moved forward. The outward bend of the doors is repaired with the hammer or the mallet and the pliers. The users need to put anything over the bend area so as to hit that area and then push down the track within its actual place. The inward bend can easily be repaired with the pliers and the vise grips and they need to lift the trackback to actual place with the tools. The users are advised to be very careful regarding the door while they are repairing the tracks.

Problem IV: Broken Rollers

The bent, broken, and cracked rollers cannot be reused and thus they need to replace the defective roller with the new roller. The users need to detach their sliding shower door and then unfasten the roller so as to detach it. Then they need to place the fresh new rollers within the actual place and then fasten up the screws. Once the rollers are on its actual tracks then they need to re-attach the door and then align the door height respectively.
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