How To Clean Sliding Glass Door Tracks: Best & Easy Methods

Best And Easy Methods To Clean Sliding Glass Door Tracks

A dirty sliding glass door tracks can easily block up the door and making it very difficult to open and close. Using the below-mentioned cleaning methods the user can smooth out the tracks:

Method 1: Normal Cleaning

  1. Vacuum: For the simple cleaning open the door and vacuum all the tracks. Use the vacuum attachment that will reach into the corners of the tracks as well. The user should try to lift up all larger pieces of dirt or debris so that it will make easier to complete the cleaning job.
  2. Solution: After the above step is done then make a solution by mixing 1 cup of water with a drop of nonabrasive cleaner. Also put a few drops of cleaner, like denatured alcohol, or dish soap, into a bucket having a cup of warm water. Mix the solution together well.
  3. Scrub: With the help of the wire brush and cleaning solution scrub all the tracks. If incase a wire brush is not available at that time use a toothbrush. Simply dip the brush in the solution and then start scrubbing on the inside of tracks. It's advisable to work from one side of the tracks to the other and focus on affected areas where the dirt is stuck-on.
  4. Wipe: Use a rag or paper towels to wipe down the tracks. Once the scrubbing is done then it's important to wipe down the tracks. This will help to remove any traces of dirt that may be in the tracks.
  5. Other Door's Tracks: For the other door tracks close the door and vacuum then scrub tracks. Simply slide the door closed, complete the cleaning process. Once the process is done, the tracks should be cleaner. It is highly advisable to go for a simple cleaning at least once a week that will help to keep dirt and grime out of the tracks.

Method 2: For Stubborn Dirt

  1. Cleaning Solution: Prepare a solution by mixing the equal parts of cold water with white vinegar in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Baking Soda: Open the door and sprinkle baking soda in the tracks. Areas that have a lot of dirt buildup sprinkle little bit extra baking soda. The user needs to continue to sprinkle the baking soda until all the area of dirt is covered.
  3. Spray: After the above step is done then spray the vinegar solution onto the tracks and let the solution to soak in the entire track. Leave the solution for 5-10 minutes. This is very helpful to remove the stubborn dirt and grime as well.
  4. Scrub: After the 5 minutes start scrubbing the area with a toothbrush or wire brush to remove the grime on the tracks. Start from one side of the tracks and then work on the other side. The solution will help to loosen up the dirt, that makes it very easier to clean.
  5. Wipe: Use a paper towels or a rag to lift up all the excess dirt and grime. If they are still dirty then spray the tracks with more vinegar solution. Continue to scrub the tracks until all of the dirt is cleaned.
  6. Other Side: Now for the other side of the track slide the door open and then apply baking soda to the area. Repeat as you did above clean the area down using the vinegar and water solution. At last wipe it to dry, now tracks is clean.
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