How To Make Sliding Doors: Proper Way Of Making & Installing Sliding Doors

Proper Way Of Making & Installing The Sliding Doors

Attaching the sliding doors in the home can be a very smart move because of it's many designs as well as advantages like indoor/outdoor flow, Security, safety, etc. The step by step proper way for making as well as installing the sliding doors are mentioned below:
  1. Measure The Doorway: Before heading to the process of building the sliding door, measure the doorway. The sliding door looks very best if it overlaps the opening by at least 2 inches from all the sides. This depends on the space available to the user for the sliding doors and can make the adjustments accordingly. This making process is based on a sliding door having a 4' x 8' foot opening.
  2. Cut Wooden Pieces: Cut the boards for making the outer frame of the door according to the need. For example, if the door is 8 feet tall then cut two 8' pieces and four 47 inches pieces. Keep the two 47" inch pieces aside they will be used later on. To make a rectangle screw together both the two 8' pieces as well as two 47" pieces.
  3. Frame: Now, it is time to use the other two 47" inch pieces to build the horizontal supports in the interior of the frame. When the user will install them, it is important to divide the door horizontally into the thirds, which is about 32" inches apart. Spread the strong wood glue everywhere on the two wood pieces meet as well as attach them with screws. In each of the sections, cut and then add 31" pieces of boards 1 x 2" to attach into the 47" inch horizontal pieces as this will help to create more support. This will give the sliding door their structure.
  4. Handle: Once the above steps are done then it is time to plan the handle the user can mount a 1" x 2" x 11" inch piece of wood on both the sides of the frame at the desired height. For the larger handle's mount the three pine pieces next to each other so that the handle will be screwed in later.
  5. Attach The Plywood To Back: Secure the plywood sheet on the back of the sliding door. Apply the wood glue and then carefully put the plywood on top of the frame. Once it is properly aligned then secure it with the help of screws.
  6. Paint It: Use the wood filler in the screw holes. To ensure the entire surface is smooth and properly ready to paint, lightly sand the surface. After that apply an even coat of white primer on all the sides of the door. Once the primer is dried completely, then roll on the paint color of choice.
  7. Hardware: In order to install the hardware like to attach the rolling coasters measure 6" inch in from either end of the bottom of the sliding door. Secure them with the help of drywall screws. Now, install 1" circle brackets on the top of door frame 6" inches in from both sides of the door. Secure the door handle desired height that is comfortable for the user by screwing into the right spot that is prepared for it by internal supports.
  8. Hang It: Start the process by installing a galvanized pipe through the 2 circle brackets that are on the top of the door. Keeping the pipe inside the brackets, hold down the pipe up and then make a measurement from the bottom of the rolling casters to the middle of the pipe. The measurement will help to give the correct height at which to secure the round base plates on the wall. After the one end is threaded as well as secured to the wall, then thread the 90-degree elbow on the pipe. Secure the last base plate on the elbow, and attach the second base plate on the wall in its right position.
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