Acrylic Vs Glass Shower Enclosure: Comparison Between Acrylic & Glass Shower Enclosure

Comparison Between Acrylic And Glass Shower Enclosure

Both of the materials, acrylic as well as glass shower enclosures, are widely getting used for the shower enclosures, the comparison between them on certain points are shown below:

Materials And Production

The acrylic shower enclosure is reinforced with the glass fibers as well as with resin, but they are made primarily from the large sheets of acrylic. The acrylic sheets are properly heated then stretched and after that drawn in the mold with the help of a vacuum forming process. In the case of the glass, shower units are made with the help of a polyester resin which is mixed using the woven glass fibers and after that sprayed into a mold.

Durability And Repairs

In this category, the acrylic is much more durable than the fiberglass and also is not easy to scratch or puncture. The molding process, which is involved in the stretching of the acrylic, can sometimes create very thin weak spots in the shower unit. In such a case, the repairs can be difficult as well as costly. In the case of fiberglass, it is very much susceptible to scratching as well as for the loss of color. If it is damaged, a fiberglass shower unit can be repaired at fewer costs.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Both acrylics, as well as the fiberglass shower enclosure, are easy to clean and to maintain. However, it is advisable to avoid the harsh chemicals or abrasive cleansers and also use soft cloths as well as soft brushes to maintain a glossy surface of the units. However, the acrylic is much better at resisting stains and this is because it is nonporous. On the other hand, the fiberglass will lose some of the lusters with the span of time.
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