Adding Sliding Drawers To Cabinets: Three Easy Parts & Items Needed To Install Sliding Drawers

Three Easy Parts & Items Needed To Add/Install Sliding Drawers To Cabinets

It was used to believe that the sliding drawers are expensive but now each one of the users can easily afford the sliding drawers. By installing the sliding drawers to the cabinets will give the users easy access to the contents of the drawer. The users can easily add or install the sliding drawers to cabinets at home by gathering the below-mentioned material and then following the below-described procedure:

Items Required

  • Mounting Screws
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sliding Drawers
  • Cordless Drill
  • Drill Bits

Part I- Ordering The Drawers

  • Calculate: The users need to start by calculating the depth and the width of the cabinet where they are going to install the sliding drawers.
  • Compare: Then they need to compare the calculated measurements to the pre-created sliding drawers that are online available at the stores or through the companies that manufacture the cabinets.
  • Order: Then they need to order the sliding drawers that will perfectly fit the cabinets. Once the drawers are delivered then they need to detach the packaging from the drawers so as to make sure that they are not damaged.
  • Lay & Detach: They need to lay the base screws, brackets and the drawers over the kitchen floor and then detach all the contents that are placed inside the kitchen cabinets. The users also need to compare the screws with the drill bits and they need to insert down and lock in the head of the Phillips or any other bit of the drill that will get easily fitted directly to the head of the screws.

Part II- Positioning The Brackets

  • Pick: Start by picking up the slides of the drawer and the users need to check if they already have the brackets that are affixed to it. The brackets usually are the site where they will screw down the sliding drawers directly inside the cabinet.
  • Turn: Then they need to turn around the pull out drawer in a way that the front side will be facing the ground side. The users need to check the actual sides for the slides of the drawers by gently shifting them into the other sides of the pull out a kitchen drawer.
  • Position: Then they need to position the drawers with its slides directly into the cabinet so as to make sure that it is of the perfect size and then position the drawers with the kitchen cabinet. The users are advised to check back, sides and the front of the cabinet so as to make sure that it is straight and also the square with its opening.
  • Close & Align: Then the users need to close down the cabinet door and align the brackets, drawers and the slides placed inside the surface of the cabinet.

Part III- Installing The Drawers

  • Reveal Brackets: Then they need to pull forward the drawer so as to reveal the brackets that are placed at the back. The users need to make sure that all the brackets are flushed with the base and are facing downwards.
  • Screw Down: Then they need to screw down the brackets by using the drill and the mounting screws. The users are advised to sue the oblong screws or the circular screws.
  • Pull: If it is possible for the users then they need to pull the entire drawer to the forward way so as to gain access over the brackets on the front side. Then they need to screw down the front sided brackets by using the drills and the mounting screws. The users can also select the holes that are very close to the slide of the drawer.
  • Test: Then they need to again test the drawer and if it is placed in the exact position then they need to screw down the mounting screws at the bracket center and if it is not aligned in the correct position then the users need to detach all the screws by using the power drill and then align it again. Then they need to insert the sliding drawer and start loading it and examing it again and again till it will be prepared for the kitchen supplies and dishes.
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