Should Shower Glass Go To The Ceiling: Proper Height & Tips For Shower Glass To Go To The Ceiling

Proper Height And Tips For Shower Glass To Go All The Way To The Ceiling

The top of the shower glass must be at least as high as the showerhead. Height of the 80” inches that is above the curb is equal to the top of the trim above a standard door interior. The surrounding material as well as the architectural features in the space also help to determine the appropriate and the pleasing height for the glass enclosure. Below the user can find some of the important tips for the shower construction:
  1. The proper blocking in the wall for mounting a glass door is paramount. There must be 3.2’’ x 4’’ inches placed vertically in the wall, which must be in line with the shower curb. This should be done in order to safely hang the glass door. Do not run the pipes or the wires through these studs.
  2. The shower curb, needs to be constructed at the level side to side along with the 1/4 inch of the inward pitch. In order to cap the shower, a continuous piece of the solid material works best.
  3. Just like any door in the home, no base tile, chair rail tile, must be placed in the jamb area where the glass shower enclosure is to be mounted. The larger accent tiles must be held back much farther from the glass mounting space.
  4. Any kind of the overhangs on the knee walls, tub decks, or on the shelf areas must be avoided. These kinds of overhangs can require notching by the tile setter. Some of the overhangs even can make the installation of a door or enclosure impossible.
  5. Showerheads, as well as body sprays, must be located in a way so that the water spray is towards the tile walls or to the fixed panels of the shower doors. This in turn will help to keep the water inside the shower, and also away from the door. Never install the shower heads which is aimed in the direction of the door.
  6. Do not design the shower enclosure with the weird angles. All the shower door hardware is designed in a way to work with the 90 degrees, 135 degrees, or even with the 180-degree angles only. This will usually apply to the walls, knee walls, tub decks as well as to the curbs.
  7. Due to the production limitations for the tempered glass, the minimum width of tempered glass is 5”. No shower design must incorporate a glass that is smaller than 5” in the width.
  8. While building a soffit or tiling a ceiling above a shower, it should be built perfectly at the level as well as also plumb to the curb.
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