Install Engineered Hardwood: Easy Way For Installation

Easy Way For Installation Of Engineered Hardwood

  1. Acclimate: The first step is to let the Engineered hardwood flooring to Acclimate for a few days like 3 to 4 days. It is important to open the box in the room or area where it is to be installed and let the Harwood acclimate for the few days, this will help the flooring to get used to the moisture and temperature of the area.
  2. Existing Baseboards: In case of the existing baseboards remove that with the help of the razor knife, cut the chalk off the board where it meets the wall. Insert the pry bar behind baseboard at the same time tap it with the hammer and the baseboard will come out from the wall.
  3. Other Obstructions: Now check the other obstructions end-caps, vent grates, etc. After that walk on the floor to check for any squeaks, if in case the subfloor is squeaking then insert the Philips head screw into the floor exactly on the spot.
  4. Level And Fill: Before installing the Engineered Hardwood, it is very important to level all the bumps for that use the sander to even out the area. For any dents or divots use the filling compound, let it dry completely before sanding it.
  5. Trim The Door's Bottom: In case the hardwood is thicker and does not fit at the doors than its important to trim the bottom of the door.
  6. Clean: Now the step is to clean all the subfloor to remove all the sanding dust, sawing, and filling in the floor, simply vacuum or sweep up the debris.
  7. Roll Out Tar Paper: Once the subfloor is totally clean then its time to Roll Out Tar Paper n the subfloor and staple with the gun, this will work as a moisture barrier.
  8. Installation: Start the installation of the hardwood from the longest wall. The best way to install the floor is to keep the groove side facing the room and tongue side on the wall, use the floor stapler to staple the floor. In order to slide them together use the rubber mallet to keep them together.
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