Hardwood Floor Installation Tips: Easy Steps For Installation

General Overview

Planning of updating the hardwood flooring is the best idea to give a completely new look to the entire interiors as the design trends are completely dynamic. Installation of the solid hardwood floor looks fabulous and comes with its own charm. The installation of the hardwood flooring is not a tougher task the individual requires the only good knowledge and the right equipment to get the desired job done.

Easy Steps To Install The Hardwood Floor Are Mentioned Below

Easy steps to install the hardwood floors are mentioned below;
  1. BaseBoards: The first step is to remove the entire baseboard from the floor prior installation of the hardwood flooring. This can be done using the utility knife.
  2. Subfloor Preparation: The subfloor needs to be prepared well in order to give it the even shape.
  3. Choose Boards: Opt for the boards that are supposed to be installed along with the proper measurements of the room in terms of the width. Make sure to keep new boards 10 to 15" extra.
  4. Squeaky Floor: The subfloor must be properly analyzed for the squeaks to repair them before installing the floor. In the case of the squeaks, the shoe molding needs to be removed first and the room should be properly cleaned and sweep.
  5. Vapor Barrier Paper: The making of the vapor barrier paper is required in order to attach it with subfloor securely. The vapor barrier can be made up of the 15-pound tar paper or the felt.
  6. Installation: The installation of the hardwood flooring must be initiated from the unobstructed wall space.
  7. Placement: Choose the longest board for installation of the first row and it should be straight one.
  8. Hand Nail: The hand nails need to be drilled on the tongues of every board.
  9. Staple: Each of the board needs to be securely stapled with the help of the pneumatic nail gun.
  10. Baseboard Cutting: Cut the baseboards and keep 10 or 12 " extra for the expansion gaps.
  11. Gap Filling: Ensure to fill all the gaps finely by following proper tongue and groove method.
  12. Clearance Issue: To solve the clearance issue the pilot holes needs to be drilled on the top of the boards and face nail boards.
  13. Last Board: Install the last boards ensure to keep the space for both wall expansion and contraction.
  14. Wood Putty: The putty must be applied over the nail holes by removing the shoe molding. Applying the matching wood putty is recommended the holes are supposed to be filled and excess needs to be wiped off.
  15. Maintenance: Sweeping, vacuuming, and application of the hardwood cleaner are recommended to apply on the floor as a part of the regular maintenance.
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