How To Install Hardwood Floors On Concrete: Easy Steps For Installing Floating & Engineered Floors

General Overview

The hardwood floors are possible to layover the concrete floor. The professionals in this field help in analyzing the best factors on how to install the hardwood floors over concrete in bet way by concentrating on the factors like moisture minimization, wood floor expansion, and contraction, etc. The best steps to get the job done with perfection are mentioned below in proper steps.

Steps To Install The Hardwood Floors over Concrete Slab

The various steps of installing hardwood floors over concrete slab are mentioned below.
  1. Remove Old Flooring: If the floor is covered with the carpet flooring then it needs to be removed along with the strips, nails, and foam padding.
  2. BaseBoard Removal: The old baseboards need to be removed carefully using the utility knife in order to use them again. Using Prybar is the ideal way to get baseboard removed from the wall safely.
  3. Floor Preparation: Remove all the paint from the concrete with the help of the concrete grinder in order to make it a perfect fit for the hardwood installation. This will make the floor even for adhering adhesive. Once the paint is removed make sure to remove all the leftover.
  4. Moisture Barrier: In order to use the liquid moisture barrier over the concrete slab it is very important to keep the area ventilated as much as possible.
  5. Application: The moisture barrier needs to be applied over the concrete slab using V-notch trowel in a 45-degree angle. Ensure to start applying the barrier from the farthest point of the room. Wait for 24 hours in order to make the barrier set properly.
  6. Flooring Layout: Installation of the flooring must be done from the parallel to the longest wall
  7. Adhesive: The adhesive need to be applied over the floor by covering the small sections and with the help of the V-notch trowel.
  8. Tapping Block: The taping block must be used in order to put the flooring pieces together. The row-wise staggering must be done wisely of end joints.
  9. Tape Seams: Use painters tape in order to keep seams together.
  10. Room Expansion: Create room expansion by inserting the 1/4-inch shims inside the floor and wall edges.
  11. Weight: Once done put some weight over the floor. Ensure to lay down the rag cloth under the weight in order to .protect the floor from getting damaged.
  12. Dry It: Allow 24 hours in order to dry the adhesive completely.
  13. Finish: The tape and spacers are supposed to be removed to replace the baseboards and for the installation of the transition pieces.

Ways To Install or Laydown The Floating/ Engineered Hardwood With Glue

Easy ways to install the floating/ engineered hardwood floor over concrete are mentioned below.
  1. Trimming: Entire door casings are supposed to be properly trimmed with the help of the flush-cut dovetail saw in order to make the flooring installation easy.
  2. Foam Underlayment: Prior installation of the foam ensure to vacuum the floor completely. Install the foam underlayment. Lay the single layer of the underlayment and trim it accordingly in order to make it a perfect fit
  3. First Course: The first plank of the floating engineered floor must be laid down in the groove and tongue direction. This installation must be in the direction against a spacer block.
  4. Take Measurements: Take proper measurements in order to lay down the other pieces of the floor properly without any gaps.
  5. Glue: the Gluing process must be done at the end of the groove of the new plank in order to install it.
  6. Rest Flooring: Lay down the rest of the flooring in the same way as above by following the gluing process.
  7. Last Plank: To install the last plank the measurement of the width is very much needed and spacer needs to be against the wall again. While installation of the last plank ensures to trim the doorway notches and that must be above the center.
  8. Finish Trim: The door stops are required to be cut according to the dimensions of the transition molding.
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