How To Replace One Side Of A Door Jamb: Easy Procedure & Items Required

Easy Procedure & Items Required To Replace One Side Of A Door Jamb

Periodically the users have to replace the door jamb because it gets damaged with the normal wear and tear and it can let the door work inappropriately. Replacing the door jamb is a type of task that can even range from the casual fix to repairing the whole frame and it will completely be based on the door damage and the plan of fixing the damage. The users can easily replace one side of the door jamb by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined procedure:

Materials Required

  • Screwdriver & Plastic Bagr
  • Prybar, Electric Drill & Measuring Tape
  • Replacement Door Jamb & Wood Screws
  • Wood Shims, Level And Carpenter Square


  • Detach The Present Door: Start by detaching the present door by just dragging out all the pins from the hinges and it can be done by just raising the hinges. Once the users detached the door they need to place it in the safe area and then save up all the pins within the plastic bag. The users are advised to depart another hinge side over the frame of the door as they are going to use that hinge piece later on.
  • Detach The Trim Case: Then gently detach the trim case within the doorway by using the screwdriver or by using the prybar so as to work in between the drywall and the case as well. They need to start from one area adjacent to the trim and then gently alleviate the rest casing portion till they won't set the entire trim free. Then place these detached pieces in the safe area as well so that it can be reused again once the users install the new door jamb.
  • Pull The Present Jamb Free: Then pull the present door jamb free by using the screwdriver or the prybar as well. The users need to keenly observe how the door jamb is affixed with the door frame as in many old houses it is affixed by using the nails but in the modern homes, it is affixed by using the wood screws. In order to check how it is affixed the users are advised to take out the jamb piece and then observe how it is actually affixed. Then they need to use the electric drill to unfasten the wood screws or they can set the door jamb free by using the prybar. They need to be assured that they have to conserve the door jamb side that is having the hinges affixed.
  • Determine The Door Opening For The New Jamb: The users then need to calculate the opening of the door along with the door height and the width as well. Start from the stud to the sides so as to calculate the width, from the floor base to the header base so as to calculate the height. The users also need to note down the hinge position at the door opening by just taking out the jam piece with the hinge affixed on it. Then they need to calculate the hinge center location over the piece of the top jamb. The users can also buy the ready-made door jamb at their nearby home store.
  • Transiently Install The New Jamb: Once the users are having the replacement door jamb in the one-piece then they need to position it within its place in the opening of the door. Then transiently fasten the screws within the jamb into its actual place over the first hinge side and then drift the shims within its position adjacent to space in between the wall and the door jamb.
  • Plumb And Level: Then the users need to check the level of the jamb by using the level tool so that they can alter the shims if required. They also need to use the carpenter square so as to be assured that the jamb is plumbed.
  • Permanently Attach The Door Jamb: Once the users have made all the important corrections then they can affix the remaining jamb pieces to the door and then fasten them accordingly.
  • Reaffix The Hinges And The Door: Then they need to unfasten the hinges within the jamb piece of the pre-existing door and then affix them at the marked area. Then fasten them accordingly by using the power screwdriver and then the users need to ask the help from an assistant or the friend so that they can hold up the door perfectly and then drift up the pins of the hinges to its actual place. Use the rubber mallet so as to gently tap them if in case the hinge pins are very tight and cannot be drifted in perfectly.
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