How To Treat Acacia Garden Furniture: How To Care, Outdoor

How To Care Acacia Garden/Outdoor Furniture

The Acacia wood furniture product can be treated but the best time to treat that wood is during warm and dry weather. Here are some of the following steps by which Acacia wood Can be treated:
  • Clean it with a soft cloth moisturized in soapy warm water and then dry it out with another soft cloth or else let it air dry.
  • Make a mixture of one-gallon warm water & one cup of trisodium phosphate and then scrub it with a soft bristled brush on the blackened wood and then rinse it with cool water.
  • Once it has dried out, check the cracks and flakings and then apply fine grade sandpaper on deterioration areas. Treat the wood with varnish remover before refinishing it.
  • Apply oil once or twice during one-year.
  • Apart from that, during winters take the wooden pieces indoors and in case it is not possible then cover it with vinyl furniture covers.
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