How To Repair Water Damaged Veneer Furniture: Brief Overview

How To Repair Water Damaged Veneer Furniture/Table Top

Here are some of the basic steps by which the customers can easily repair the water damaged veneer:
  • Firstly The customers should use a soft damp cloth and place it over the blistered area that has been created by the excessive usage of water. Then the customers should carefully make an incision in that bubble by using an edged knife and allow the damaged veneer surface to dry in an open air.
  • Secondly the customers then should use a wood glue and apply it to the incision of that bubble. The wood glue should be applied to base of the veneer and then press the glued veneer back into its original place.
  • Then place a weighted item on to the surface of the glued venner in order to tighten the wood glue bond and then allow the wood glue to dry for around 8 hours.
  • Once the wood glue is dried completely the customers should remove the excessive wood glue by using a sponge that has been dipped in hot water and then let the veneer furniture to dry completely in order to avoid further damage caused by the water.
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