Repair Water Damaged Cabinet Bottom: Kitchen & Sink

General Overview

Both particle board and solid wood kitchen cabinet bottoms are prone to water damages and need immediate action to avoid water flooding in kitchens. The first thing needs to remove the excess water and let the kitchen cabinet bottom dry completely to take a further replacement or repairing action. Most importantly, it is necessary to identify the cause of water damage prior to taking repairing steps.

How To Repair Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinet Bottom?

The steps to repair water damaged kitchen cabinets bottoms are mentioned below:
1.Empty Cabinets: Empty the cabinets by taking out all the items.
2.Water: All excess water needs to be eliminated from the cabinet with the help of sponge or towel.
3.Cabinet Doors: The cabinet doors need to be separated from the wet wooden cabinets.
4.Repairing: Check for the damaged cabinet portions and make the necessary repair.
5.Replace: If it is impossible to repair materials or cabinets it's better to replace them with the new one.
6.Water Stains: If the cabinets are stained with water remove them using oxalic acid.
7.Odor And Molds: The bad remove from the damaged kitchen cabinet bottoms can be eliminated by applying the mixture of the bleach and water. This will also help in restricting the growth of molds.
8.Refinishing: The damaged cabinets can be refinished by applying the veneer.

What Can Be The Main Cause Of The Water Damaged Sink Cabinet Bottom?

Water Sink Cabinet Bottom can be damaged by the number of causes some of them are mentioned below:
1.Leak Pipes: The pipes beneath the sink can be leaky.
2.Dishwasher: Dishwasher floods can also cause damage in the sink cabinet.
3.Water Supply: Forceful supply of the water can lead the cabinet bottom damage too.
4.Faucet Leaks: Malfunctioning and leaks in the faucet can eventually lead to the bottom sink damage.
5.Refrigerator Lines: Check for the broken refrigerator lines as that can also be the cause of damaged water cabinets.
6.Clogs: Check for the clogged sinks.
7.Frozen Pipes: Frozen pipes can also cause the cabinet water damage.
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