How To Repair Damaged Wood Furniture: Easy Steps To Repair/Fix Broken, Scratched, Water Damage

General Overview

Over the period of the time, the wood furniture tends to get damaged and there are a number of the methods to repair the wooden furniture by own by following the number of methods and techniques. The wooden furniture always looks elegant and enhances the overall interior look. The various repair and restoring issues of the wooden furniture include discoloration, satin removing, scratching, etc.

Steps To Repair/ Fix Broken, Scratched And Water Affected Wood Furniture

Steps to repair/ fix broken scratched wood furniture are mentioned as below.

Method 1- Natural Way Of Restoring

  1. Oil Coating: Apply the coconut oil over the wood furniture in order to get back its lost shine and color naturally.
  2. Nick and Scratch Repair: The small nicks and scratches on the wooden furniture can be fixed by using a natural way. All needs to be done is the mix the canola oil 3/4 and 1/4 of the white vinegar properly. The solutions need to be applied to the scratches and small nicks. The scuffs can be repaired by scrubbing the walnut on them.

Repairing Major Broken Damages

The various steps to repair the major damage of the wooden furniture are mentioned below.
  1. Bondo Wood Filler: Apply the bond wood filler to the major cracks or inside the broken areas to repair them within no time. The filler must be applied as per the instruction on the damaged portions the get the satisfactory results. Once done the portion can be repaired to give the updated look.
  2. Underlying Wood: The stripping method must be used for removing the old layers of the wood in order to get the original wood back. The stripping can be either done with the sanding or by the application of the liquid paint stripper. In case of the liquid striper the wait for thirty minutes once it is applied.
  3. Refinishing: For refinish initially use the coarse-grit and end with the fine-grit sandpaper in order to make the surface smooth. Ensure to go for sanding in the directions of the grain. Once done follow up by applying the stain with the help of the rag cloth.
  4. Hole Repairing: Rather than applying the holes with filler or glues use matching color caramel stick to fill it up and once done go for the sanding to make the holes disappear completely.
  5. Watermarks: The stubborn watermarks on the furniture must be treated with the spray shellac. Doing this will help the paint to adhere well as the spray will seal the water stain completely.
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