How To Fix Metal Bed Frame: Easy Steps To Fix

The sleeping bed is made of up of different types of material such as wood, metal, iron, and steel. The bed is used for sleeping and taking relax.

Steps And Item Needed To Fix The Metal Bed Frame

Here are the items and easy steps to fix metal bed frame:

Items Needed

  • A wrench
  • Sealant tape
  • Candle wax
  • Plastic washers
  • Light lubricant
  • Pieces of cloth


  1. Identify: In order to fix metal bed frame, the user needs to remove mattress from metal bed. Identify the loose nuts and bolts which makes squeaking noise and determine the size of nuts and bolts and fit it with perfect size wrench.
  2. Plastic Washers: If the metal bed frames still squeaks, then remove nuts and bolts and attach plastic washers on it then fix it again.
  3. Clean And Lubricate: Fisrt, disassemble the metal bed frame, then take a clean cloth to wipe all screws, nuts and bolts. Now, apply lubricants on nuts and bolts and wipe off the extra lubricant to avoid catching of dust and debris.
  4. Apply Candle Wax: The main reason for squeaking noise is that metal parts are rubbing against each other, in order to fix this problem rub some candle wax on the screws, nuts, and bolts.
  5. Reassemble: Finally, reassemble the metal bed frame and fix all bolts, nuts, and screws tighten with wrench.
  6. Lubricate The Frame Regularly: In order to keep the metal bed frame free from squeaking noise, the user needs to lubricate the frame regularly.
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