How To Stabilize A Metal Bed Frame: Steps To Fix

The metal bed frame is used to keep the mattress and foundation (base) of bed in an accurate position. The bed frame is made of metal or wood. A metal bed frame includes foot, head, and side rails. The lifespan of a metal bed frame is nearly 18-20 years if cared properly.

Steps And Items And Needed To Stabilize A Metal Bed Frame

Here are the steps and item needed to stabilize a metal bed frame. Just follow the given steps carefully:


  • Wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Petroleum-based Lubricant
  • Electrical Tape


  1. Prepare Frame: In order to stabilize a metal frame, the user needs to remove the box spring and mattress from the metal bed frame. Now, find the location where the squeaking noise comes from. Check the box spring and frame connecter.
  2. Remove: Use wrench and screwdriver to remove bolts and screws which are holding the side rails and frame together. Use plastic washer on each screw, place another plastic washer between the frame and bolt. Tighten the screws and bolts.
  3. Spray: The user needs to spray a petroleum-based lubricant on interlocking connectors at the corners of the metal bed frame and on squeaky springs.
  4. Warp: The electrical tape will work as a cushion for the metal bed frame. Simply, wrap electrical tape around the legs of the bed frame. Make a hole through the electrical tape, then insert the screws in it, this will stop the squeaking noise.
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