How To Fix A Squeaky Metal Bed Frame: Easy Steps To Fix

Steps to Fix the Squeaky Metal Bed Frame

The users can easily fix the Squeaky Metal Bed Frame by following the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Detect The Source Of The Squeaking: The users need to start by detaching the box spring and the mattress and then detect the actual origin of the squeak in the metal bed frame. After that, Sit down on each corner of the metal bed frame and jump on the bed until they won't hear any squeaking sound. Examine the box spring and the other areas of the metal bed frame.
  2. Remove The Screws And Bolts: Detach all the screws and the bolts that are beholding the metal rails and the frame jointly. Then affix the plastic washer on each screw, after that, they have to replace the screws and then they need to affix another plastic washer in between the bolt and the metal frame. Tighten the screw and bolts accordingly.
  3. Use The Petroleum Lubricant: Use the petroleum-build lubricant and spray it directly on the squeaky springs at the edges of the metal bed frame.
  4. Use The Electrical Tape: The users also need to use the electrical tape and wrap it all around the metal bed legs at the exact point where the metal rails are affixed. After that, they need to make a hole between the electrical tapes, and then embed the screws and then affix the metal rails accordingly. The electrical tape will behave as the soft pad for the metal rails respectively.
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