How To Refinish Parquet Floor: Steps To Restore Parquet Floor With Sander & Without Sanding

General Overview

If the parquet hardwood flooring finish is losing and scratches are also visible on the floor it is the time to refinish the entire floor all needs to be done using the right tools and methods. The refinishing must be done in a way that it will give the entire flooring a completely new and improved look. There are many specialized products available in the market that are specifically designed to refinish the parquet flooring a better utilization of these products with recommended tools that will give the ultimate results.

Basic Steps To Refinish The Parquet Flooring Yourself Using Sander

The basic steps to refinish the parquet flooring yourself in an easy way are mentioned below:
  1. Remove Furnishing: The first step is to empty entire room or area by removing all types of the furnishing including rugs, furniture, and other objects.
  2. Dusting: Once the area is empty remove the dust simply by sweeping the floor.
  3. Sanding: Sand the floor using sander but make ensure to complete the entire process smoothly and in the direction of the grain. Work in the small direction gently and this can be done with the help of the small orbital sander with a bag attached.
  4. Check: Once the sanding is finished check the entire floor if it is uniformly even or not.
  5. Dusting Again: Clean all the sanding dust deeply using the vacuum or broom. Take into the account that floor must be completely dust free prior to application of the finish.
  6. Staining: To give the new and tuned look to the floor application of the staining with the desired color is required. However, for a natural wood look staining is not required.
  7. Sealing: Sealing must be only applied if the floor is completely dry after staining. Apply the coat of the polyurethane sealer and let it dry first.
  8. Second Coat: Apply the second coat of the sealer and allow it to dry as well. Check if the sealer is completely dry to furnish the room again.

Easy Ways To Restore Parquet Flooring Without Sanding Under Carpet

The easy steps to restore the parquet flooring without sanding are mentioned below:
1.Clear And Clean: Remove all the furniture and carpets from the floor and clean all the dust using a vacuum.
2.Cleaning Solution: Once the dust and debris are removed mix wood-washing detergent into the warm water and damp the mop into the same to run the floor. Clean floor properly with the mop.
3.Scrubbing: Use scrubber to eliminate the stains and hard to remove marks.
4.Mop Again: Once done the moping of the floor using the cleaning solution is again recommended to remove all residue.
5.Under Carpet: Select the small portion that is hidden like under carpet, furniture to check if the floor has been finished using wax, oil, or varnish. For testing apply few drops of the fresh water on the floor and allow it to sit there for a while say for ten minutes and if white marks appear on the floor it means wax or oil is used and if there are no signs of such marks than most probably lacquer or varnish are used on the floor. To get rid of the white marks rub them with the floor wax coated steel wool.
6.Appropriate Maintenance Product: Get the parquet floor maintenance product from the market for application and apply it exactly as per the instructions labeled on the product.
7.Buffing: After the maintenance product is applied wait how much time does it need to sit as per manufacturers direction. Follow up by buffing the floor using the semi-professional or by the old fashioned buffer to make it luster again.
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