Drum Sander Vs Belt Sander: Comparison & Benefits

Comparison & Benefits Between Drum Sander And Belt Sander

The drum and the belt sanders are two different tools used for hardwood floor refinishing. For all purposes, the users are likely to find the belt sanders at most of the rental places.

Drum Sander Benefits

  1. Traditional Drum Sander: The traditional drum sander that are manufactured in the width of 8 to 12 inches is very much capable of removing more material in just one pass than others in the market.
  2. Heavy Sanding: If the floor requires heavy sanding to remove deep tough scratches or removal of stains or finishes of an older hardwood floor the drum is best option.
  3. Refinishing: In case of refinishing, the prefinished micro beveled floors, for a uniform appearance require removing of the bevel, Drum Sander simply get the work done in a quicker way.

Belt Sanders Benefits

  1. Looks: The belt sander looks similar to the traditional drum sander, but the sanding paper is different.
  2. Effort Less: It is very easy to use the belt sander that simply allows to slip the belts on and off easily without much efforts.
  3. Fast Action: The belt sanders are very aggressive due to which it can remove a lot of material from surfaces in a very little time.
  4. Best For Soft Metals: It is the best option for sanding the soft metals like aluminum, thorium, copper, brass and bronze, etc. The reason is that they dont get stuck on the surface like others.
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