How To Install Hurricane Shutters On Stucco: Step By Step Procedure Of Installing Hurricane Shutters

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required For Installing Hurricane Shutters On Stucco

If in case the users are living in the coastal areas then they need to have satisfactory protection. The users require having the perfect equipment by which they can easily guard their homes against the strong winds. By raising the barrier appeal of the home, the users can easily add the value and will also make their home look more modern and stylish as well. Usually, the users feel that it is quite difficult to install the shutters on stucco but actually it is quite easy if done with the right tools. The users can easily install the hurricane shutters on stucco by gathering the below-defined materials and then following the below-defined step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Tape Measure, Shutter Locks Or Screws
  • Carpenter's Pencil And 1/4-Inch Drill


  • Drill The Holes: Start by calculating and then drilling the one by four inches sized hole in their shutter for their shutters screws or the locks as well. Then the users need to space 2 shutter locks at the base and at the top of the small-sized windows. They need to space 2 in the middle for the long-sized shutters. Usually, the lock of the shutter appears like the screw but the ridges that are present over the rod are designed and noticeable to lock adjacent the wood compared to the anchor of the wall. Eventually, they won't back out like the rust or the screw. The users can use the outer deck screw and the washer rather than using the lock but the users require to stain down the screw head in order to make it match with the surface of the shutter after installing it.
  • Hold The Shutter: Next the users need to hold up the shutter near to the surface of the window at their desired place. The users are advised to ask the other person to hold up the shutter and the other person will remain standing at the back and will help that person in selecting him the perfect place. The users need to mark down the lines on the diameter of the shutter and then mark down the holes on the locks of the shutter.
  • Drill Within The Stucco: Then drill within the stucco by using the one by four inches sized drill bit. The wire mesh and the stucco are one by two to three by four-inch-thick. Then the users need to change the drill bit once their drill bit will hit up the door and then keep drilling it up to the total depth of the one by four inches.
  • Use The Wood Screws: Finally hold up the shutter on their holes and then press down the lock of the shutter within the shutter and within the stucco directly in the wall. The users need to use the small-sized hammer to tap down the lock until it won't get completely modified. The users need to repeat the same process for the other locks of the shutter. If the users are using screw then they need to use the wood screw so that it will be fastened in the holes.
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