How Long Should Curtains Hang Below Window Sill: 4 Easy Ways To Determine The Curtain Length

4 Easy Ways To Determine The Curtain Length

The curtain's length will easily determine how stylish the room will look. Usually, there are the 2 desired measurements, one is the floor-length and the still length for the curtains. The users can also select a different length of the curtains as per their personal preferences. The users need to understand that the context also matters, for example, the sheers eventually hung below another curtain and it needs to be one inch small than the topmost curtains. Here are some of the ways by which the users will get an idea of how long they need to hang their curtains below the window sill:

Way 1: Sill-Length Sheers

This type of length offers the clean look to any kind of window specifically when they hang the curtains from the inner frame of the window on the rod with the base of the sheer that will end above it. This kind of sheer can easily stand alone or can go beneath the topmost curtain. This kind of the length can usually be hung within the rod at the window frame top and will easily end on the 2 inches beneath the trim of the window.

Way 2: Floor-Length Sheers

This kind of length always ends on the 2 inches above from the surface of the floor if in case the curtains are hung below the other curtain. This kind of length can easily go to more extra length if the curtains are meant to stand alone. In order to attain the romantic and the soft look, the user can add more 4 inches for the sheers or the fifteen inches for the sheers that will puddle.

Way 3: Choosing The Traditional Styled Curtain

In this type of style, the rod is near about six inches above the window top and it can even go to the three inches on the sides as well. The curtains will nearly hang three inches beneath the window still base. This kind of style also offers various advantages like the rod can easily extend the window width and the curtains will not easily block up the light when the users will push the curtains back. The hung curtains can easily cover up the entire window frame.

Way 4: Choosing The Contemporary Styled Curtain

In this type of style, the users can hang their curtains so that it will be above the surface of the floor. In this style, the users won't get any particular rule and they can affix their rod where ever they desire to, and then they can easily calculate from that particular place to the spot near about one-inch above from the surface of the floor.
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