How To Hang A Heavy Curtain Rod In Drywall: Step By Step Guide & Useful Tips Of Installing Curtain Rod

Step By Step Guide And Useful Tips Of Installing The Curtain Rod In Drywall

The drywall can look solid enough, but the fact is that it will not hold a screw, and in case if the curtain rod is mounted improperly, then the end result will be a sagging curtain as well as a hole into the patch. Below the user will find out the best step by step way and some useful tips of hanging curtain rod in drywall:
  1. The first step is to add curtains length & also the gap that is there in-between the floor and the bottoms of the curtain. After this, with the help of a measurement tape measure the same height on the wall. In order to denote one of the ends of the curtain rod, take a pencil and then make a spot mark.
  2. Once the above step is done then it is time to know the distance in-between both the mounting brackets that are on the rod & is going to be installed, now on the wall put another mark that is the distance from the previous mark. It is very important to ensure that it must be of the same height exactly above the floor.
  3. Against the wall, now hold down one of the brackets exactly on the first mark and at same time markdown a spot that will be used for the placement of the screw. Remove the bracket and then drill a hole of about 1/4-inch on both the marks. Take a plastic screw anchor of the no. 8 and then insert it into each hole. Each one of them must fit snugly, enough to need tap from hammers until it flushes to the wall.
  4. Replace each of the brackets and insert a 1 1/4-inch wooden screw through each anchor using a screwdriver.
  5. Once the above step is done, then it is time to install another bracket exactly on another location in the same procedure. When each of the brackets is fully secure, then it is time to put the curtain rod on it, adjust the length in a way so that each of the ends is properly flushed when compared to the brackets from the outsides, and tight each set of the screws in the brackets using a screwdriver this will make sure to hold up the curtain rod securely.
  6. Take a measurement tape to find out the center point of the curtain rod, this step is very important to hang the heavy curtains that is why a third bracket is needed to prevent the sagging. Simply hook up the other bracket in the center on the rod, position the bracket against the wall in order to make the mark for purpose of the screw holes. Install all the anchors, then after that screw-in the bracket with the wall.

Important & Useful Tips

  • After the first bracket is secured with the wall, then it is a good option to double-checking the placement of the other bracket. Position one of the ends of the curtain rod exactly in the bracket and then hold up another end with the mark that was made for the brackets to check the level it can be with the help of a spirit level.
  • As it is not easy to screw in dry, so the best solution to the problem to drive the best quality the mounting screws for the framing that will be used behind the wall, but the fact is that this is not always possible. So the other option is to make use of the wall anchors, and there are different types of anchors. The simplest ones are the plastic and the conical screw sleeves. They are not rated for the much weight but is enough strong to hold up the curtains.
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