How To Install Exterior Shutters On Stucco: Step By Step Instructions Of Installing Exterior Shutters

Step By Step Instructions And Useful Tips Of Installing The Exterior Shutters On Stucco

A simple yet elegant improvement just like the new shutters can bring beauty to the front side of the home as well as helps to draw attention to the windows. Most people think securing the shutters on the stucco is difficult, but if the right kind of tools are used and the best instructions are followed then it can be a very easy task to install exterior shutters. The step by step instructions are mentioned below:
  1. First of all, the user needs to get a tape for measuring the area and then drill 1/4-inch small holes in the shutters, the holes are for the shutter locks or for the screws. Space-out the 2 locks at the even space over the top as well as at the bottom for the smaller kind of the windows. Also for long shutters make two in the center.
  2. A shutter lock just is similar to the screw, but the difference is at the ridges which are on the shaft that is pronounced as well as designed in a way that it will lock with the wood, just like to the wall anchor. Like a screw, it will not back out or will rust. The user also can use an exterior deck screw or the washer in place of the shutter lock but in that case, the user will have to apply paint on the screw head as this will help a lot for matching the shutter after the installation is done.
  3. After the above two steps are done then hold up the shutter exactly next to the window at the spot user likes. The best idea is to get a helping hand from one person to hold up the shutter, at the same time another person will stand back in order to guide him for the spot. Markdown the guidelines all around the perimeter of the shutter. Markdown the holes for the locks of the shutter.
  4. After that, the user needs to work on stucco, simply drill into it with the help of a 1/4-inch drill having the bit of the masonry carbide. Stucco as well as the wire mesh are typically in the thickness of the 1/2 to 3/4. Once the drill bit will hit on the wood then switch to a normal wooden drill bit and then continue the process to a total depth of about 3 1/4 inches.
  5. On the drilled holes, hold the shutter. From the vinyl shutter carefully press down the shutter lock and at the same time into the stucco deep in the wall. Take a hammer but a small one for tapping the lock continue until it is snug. It is advisable to make sure that it is not overtightened as well as also do not dimple the shutter. Repeat the same procedure for each side of the shutter lock. If using the screws, that time take a wood screw which will get tight in the predrilled holes.

Important & Useful Tips

  • Before attaching the shutters make sure that they are at the proper level from each side.
  • In order to secure the shutters with the screws the user can also use the plastic masonry anchors. For drilling the depths of this kind of anchor simply follow the manufacturer's directions.
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