How To Fix Worn Spots On Hardwood Floors: Steps To Repair Wear Marks On Hardwood Floors

How To Repair Wear/ Worn Marks On Hardwood Floor?

It is possible for the hardwood floors to get scratches or worn spots after prolonged use. The worn spots are most common in the area with high traffic. Different ways can be used to repair the worn spots. Follow the steps below to repair the wear and worn spots on hardwood floors:
1.Wax: Apply the floor wax using a soft cloth over the affected area and buff it finely till the spots will be faded/disappeared.
2.Varnish: Apply the coat of polyurethane varnish over the worn spots to repair it. Ensure to apply it exactly as per the instructions mentioned over the product.

How To Wipe The Food And Other Stains From The Hardwood Flooring?

1.Hydrogen Peroxide: To remove the food or other beverage spots or stain from the hardwood floors just take the small cotton and dip into the hydrogen peroxide and rub the stain with them let them stay over the stain. Now take another cotton balls and dip them with the household ammonia and keep them over the hydrogen peroxide cotton balls. Allow both to stay over the stain for some time.
2.Wipe: Use a clean cloth to wipe the stain and let it dry.
3.Floor Wax: Once dried, apply the floor wax over it and buff the surface with a soft cloth to make it lustrous.
4.000 Steel Wool: Alternatively, the water stains can be removed by using 000 steel wool. Just scrub the stains with it and follow up by sanding it using fine grit sandpaper till the stain vanishes completely.
5.Mineral Spirits: Use a clean cloth to wipe the surface and apply mineral spirits over it. Let it dry and buff the wax on the surface.
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