Sanding And Refinishing Hardwood Floors: Procedure To Sand & Refinish

What Is The Procedure To Sand And Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Sanding & Refinishing hardwood floors is very essential and in doing so the customer has to follow certain steps which are mentioned below:
  1. Remove: Start the process by removing the Shoe Base molding, simply use a pry bar to pull it out carefully, use a piece of scrap wood to protect the baseboard.
  2. Fix Squeaks: Now check the Squeaks and simply nail the loose one, however the best way to nail is to nail at the joist, once the nail is set then use the putty to fill up the holes.
  3. Sand: After checking for the Squeaks, then sand rough the floor, sand the floor with the help of the drum sander in the direction of the grains.
  4. Sweep And Vacuum: Once the sanding is completed then sand, vacuum and sweep the area to remove the sanding residue.
  5. Edges And Corners: Now sand the Edges and Corners like the closet floors, bathrooms or stairs with the help of the edger. In the areas where the edger cant go use the scraper and some 80- and 100-grit paper with the help of the hand to remove the old finish.
  6. Screen: Once all the sanding is completed, then use the rented floor buffer, and buff the area with a fine-grit screening pad. This type of sanding will help to level minor unevenness that was left by the drum sander and edger as well as buff away sanding scratches.
  7. Dust: Now remove all the dust by sweeping and vacuuming.
  8. Stain: Now it is time to apply the stain, use the interior wood stains and apply with a foam applicator pad. Don't work in large sections, instead works in small areas, stain in the direction of the wood grains.
  9. Finish: Once the stain is completely dried, then apply the Water-based polyurethane wood finishes.
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