How To Fix Warped Veneer: Simple Steps To Repair

General Overview

The Warping of the veneer is generally caused due to the water and moisture content. Not only the water but sometimes exposure to the direct sunlight will also make the veneer to wrap. The main reason why the veneer gets warped is the glue that holds the veneer dries and fails to hold it securely in one place. This Warping Veneer of the veneer can be fixed using a number of ways and methods.

Simple Steps To Repair Warped Veneer

Simple steps to repair the warped veneer are mentioned below:
1.Cut: Cut the warped veneer with the help of the craft knife specifically where the bubble or warp is appearing.
2.Slit: The slit needs to be cut more by inserting the putty knife blade into it.
3.Scrape Use this blade to scrape the dried glue crystals from beneath of the veneer surface out. Make sure to remove all the dried glue.
4.New Glue: Pour some drops of the new glue over the knife and apply it under the veneer and immediately scrub the same. Repeat the process under the veneer surface to get good coverage.
5.Plastic Wrap: Cover the veneer surface using the plastic wrap to put heavy weight over it for flattening the warped surface and to make glue adhere well.
6.Dry It: Let the glue dry for 24 hours and remove all the weight from the veneer surface including the plastic wrap.
7.Wood Putty: Apply wood putty into the cracks and follow it by sanding the veneer in the direction of the grain with the help of 100 grit sandpaper.
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