Repairing Veneer With Wood Filler: Easy Steps To Repair

General Overview

It's obvious with the prolonged period the veneer on the wood gets affected by the minor scratches and scuffs and can be repaired with simple steps such as with the help of the wood filler. The wood filler is the best way to fix all the minor scratches and cracks on the wood veneer to make them disappear completely. It must be noted that the application of the wood filler is recommended before painting.

Easy Steps To Use Wood Filler For Veneer Repairing

Below are some steps mentioned on how to use wood filler for veneer repairing:
1.Wood Filler: Wood filler is a kind of putty that is applied on the broken and cracked areas of the veneer surface in order to fill them. The first step is to insert the wood filler into the cracks and holes using a putty knife.
2.Dry It: Once applied allow the filler to dry for 24 hours or overnight so that it will set completely.
3.Sanding: Start sanding the surface once the filler is dried to make it even and smooth.
4.Second Coat: After sanding clean the surface and apply the second coat of the putty and allow it to dry for an entire night again.
5.Re-Sanding: Once the second coat dries follow by smooth sanding again to make the surface smooth again.
6.Prime And Paint: The veneer wood surface is now ready for primer and painting. Once the painting job is done all the scratches and scuffs on the veneer will get vanished.
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