How To Flatten Warped Veneer: Easy Steps To Fix

Easy Steps To Fix Flattened Wrapped Veneer

The veneer wood furniture if exposed to the direct sunlight can result in the warp due to the fact that direct sunlight will neutralize the glue holding veneer and make it bubble or lift up. This problem can be sorted out using a few tools and techniques at home. The steps to fix the flattened or bubbled wrapped veneer are as follows:
  1. Cutting: Use the craft knife to cut the wrapped veneer in the middle and make a long cut.
  2. Putty Knife: Insert a putty knife into the slit to remove all old glue built up. Ensure to remove all glue crystals small or big.
  3. Apply New Glue: Pour the few drops of the new glue over the putty knife and insert it into the split.
  4. Scrapping: Scrap all the glue using this putty knife that is built under the veneer. Keep it doing by applying and removing the glue under veneer using the putty knife. This must be done until the good amount of the glue will be under the veneer surface.
  5. Plastic Wrap: Get the veneer covered with the plastic wrap and put the 1-by-4-inch boards over its top. Put heavy boards on the veneer top so that veneer will sit completely to the bond. Keep it in the same way for 24 hours to make it dry.
  6. Remove Weight: Remove all the weight from the veneer top and also scrape the excess glue using a putty knife. Apply wood putty in case there are cracks or bends in the veneer.
  7. Sanding: Use 100-grit sandpaper for finishing the surface.

Note: Once the flattened wrapped veneer is fixed just apply the lemon or linseed oil over its surface in order keep it secure for future damage.
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