How To Fix Dents In Engineered Wood Floors: Steps To Remove

How to Remove Dents from Engineered Wood Floors?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily Remove dents from Engineered Wood Floors:
  1. Gather All The Materials: The customers need to start by collecting all the materials they require while performing the procedure like sandpaper, wood putty, putty knife, paintbrush and Polyurethane gloss.
  2. Use The Sandpaper: The customers then need to use the 200-grit sandpaper and rub it vigorously over the dented area on the floor. The customers then need to remove the dust from the floor by using a soft dry brush.
  3. Use The Wood Putty: The customers need to fill the dented area by using the wood putty. The customers need to gently press the wood putty with their thumb and then spread it evenly on the dented areas on the wood floors. The customers also need to use the putty knife in order to flatten the wood putty accordingly. They then need to allow the wood putty to dry completely for near about 8 hours.
  4. Sand the Dented area: Once the wood putty is completely dried the customers then need to use the sandpaper and rub it gently over the wood putty area in order to create a rough finish on the wood floor. The customers then need to clean the dust by using the soft dry cloth.
  5. Apply The Polyurethane: The customers then need to apply the thin layer of the polyurethane over the dented areas on the wood floor by using the paintbrush. The customers then need to allow the polyurethane layer to dry for near about six hours. They then need to gently dull the shine by using the sandpaper and then they have to apply the second layer of the polyurethane to the wood floor and allowing it to dry for 12 hours.
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