Bamboo Flooring In Bathroom Pros And Cons: Advantages And Disadvantages

General Overview

Bamboo is the best flooring type that is gaining tremendous popularity from a few decades due to the reason the flooring is durable and cost-effective as well. Bamboo is eco-friendly and grows at a fast pace. The bamboo is actually the grass that is processed to use in flooring and furniture. The bamboo offers three types of flooring options that include the vertical, strand, and horizontal. Although the bamboo flooring comes with ultimate water resistant properties but it is not waterproofing and neither is it recommended for the installation of the bathroom or other high moisture-prone areas.

Advantages And Disadvantages

The various advantages and disadvantages of installing bamboo flooring in the bathroom are as follows:


1.Durable: The bamboo flooring is considered more durable than the traditional hardwood flooring provided it is of the good quality and checking warranty is highly recommended.
2.Beauty: The flooring offers the contemporary and clean look that makes it suitable for any bathroom decor.
3.Easy Cleaning: The flooring does not require any hectic cleaning process and can be cleaned using mop dipped with simple soapy water.
4.Refinishing: The thicker bamboo planks can be refinished as well but it also depends on the construction of the plank.


1.Wear And Tear: Low-quality bamboo floors will result in the wear and tear.
2.Water Damage: Exposure to the high moisture areas will result in damaging the flooring. However, if the surface is sealed the damage can be avoided.
3.Limited: The flooring is limited to the shades and tunes.
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