How To Clean Wood Table With Vinegar: Steps To Clean

Steps To Clean Wood Furniture/Table With Vinegar

The material required to clean the wood furniture includes vinegar, water, soft cloth, bowl, spray bottle, etc. Below are given steps to clean the wood furniture with vinegar.

Step 1: Removing Dust

  1. Removing Hardware: First the customer needs to remove the hardware components from the surface of the wood table.
  2. Vacuum: Then take a vacuum cleaner and softly clean the dust from cracks and crevices of the wood furniture.
  3. Clean Cushions: For cleaning cushions it is important to check the tag on them. The tag determines how to clean the cushion. The tag W means water, X means vacuuming, S and S/W means dry clean.

Step 2: Cleaning With Vinegar

  1. Dilute Vinegar: The vinegar can be diluted by mixing water with the vinegar. Then slightly wet the cloth with solution and apply on the small area of the wood furniture. Check the effect of solution on the furniture surface.
  2. Wet A Cloth: Now take a clean soft cloth and dip it into the solution and slightly damp the cloth. Do not saturate the wood furniture too much as it can damage the wood.
  3. Rub The Furniture: Take damp cloth and clean the dirt from the surface of the wood furniture in circular direction.
  4. Buff The Moisture: Clean the wood furniture with a clean cloth to remove all the moisture from the surface of the wood furniture.
  5. Polish The Wood: To maintain the shine of the wood furniture the customer needs to polish the wood furniture twice in a year.
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