How To Clean Sawdust Off Wood Before Staining: Best Way To Remove Sawdust

Best Way To Remove Sawdust From Wood Before Staining

In order to remove the Sawdust From Wood Before Staining, the user need to follow certain steps which are mentioned below:
  1. Vacuuming: The first step in removing the sawdust is to vacuum the area. Vacuum all over the area in the small corners and crevices also.
  2. Wipe: The next step is to wipe down the area with the help of the clean cloth, it is better to use the white cloth as it shows how much dust is being collected, while wiping down the surface.
  3. Tack Cloth: The tack cloth is actually a piece of cloth that is loosely woven and has beeswax. The tack cloth is very much helpful in removing the dust particles that the vacuum or cloth is not able to remove, it has to be simply wiped over the surface. Simply make the small pieces of the tack cloth and start wiping the area it is better to check the cloth periodically to check how much dust is removing and change the cloth in case it gets too much dirty.
  4. Sanding: The use of the tack cloth will also help the user to know whether the surface is properly sanded or not, in case if the thread gets stuck in the surface then it's not sanded. The sanding is a very important step before staining as it smooths the area.
  5. Denatured Alcohol: For the best results of cleaning wipe down the area with a cloth dampened with the Denatured Alcohol, it helps to pick up the finest dust particles. The other benefit is that it will not discolor the wood because it evaporates very quickly.
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