How To Clean Faux Leather Sofa: Steps To Clean Leather Couch

How to Clean Faux Leather Sofa/Couch?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily clean their Faux Leather Sofa/Couch:
  1. Clean The Leather Sofa: The customers need to start by cleaning all the dust, grime and the debris particles from the surface of the faux leather couch by using the vacuum or a soft brush.
  2. Make A Soap Mixture: The customers then need to make a mixture of the liquid dish wash and the hot water in the large bucket. The customers then need to stir the mixture continuously until the soap is completely dissolved in the water. They then need to use a soft rag and soak it in the mixture. The customers then need to rub the soaked soft rag all over the entire surface of the leather sofa.
  3. Use A Soft Rag: The customers then need to use another soft rag and soak it in the clean water. The customers then have to draw out all the excess water from the rag and then remove the soap residue from the leather sofa by using the damp rag.
  4. Remove The Stains By Using The Rubbing Alcohol: The customers then need to use the cotton ball and soak it into the rubbing alcohol in order to detach all the stains from the leather sofa. The customers then need to dab the soaked cotton ball over the stained area and the customers need to repeat the same procedure until the stain is not removed completely. Once the stain is removed completely then they need to clean the stained area with the clean water.
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