How To Clean Double Pane Sliding Glass Doors: Step By Step Process Of Cleaning Window Pane

Usually, the double pane windows are composed of two glass pieces having an airtight seal between them. This seal is intended to clasp the air in, which in turn, means it can act as an insulator. If in case you find that the water or dirt begins to show its presence between the two panes, it is a warning that this seal has been broken & this can be as small as a pinhole. To solve this issue, you need to clean the window panes regularly & keep it well maintained. For cleaning the window panes, it is necessary that the windows are completely disassembled which could really break the seal. It is not possible to seal the windows again without taking assistance from a professional. Regrettably, this means it is impossible to clean between the two glass panes without destroying the window.

Step By Step Process Of Cleaning Double Pane Sliding Glass Doors

If you find that the seal is broken and dirt or moisture is building up, that time it is the best option to replace the window. However, if the replacement is not possible, then you can change the look of the double-pane window by cleaning it at regular intervals.

Step 1: Drilling Holes

Drilling one or two holes in the window will allow you to insert a small dehydrated packet into space in order to suck up any moisture that has gathered there or wash it out with the help of isopropyl alcohol if there is dirt inside.
  • If in case washing the area is not that effective to remove the dirt buildup, then at that time construct a device to drift through the hole that can be used to rub it out. This can be a couple of wool nylons on a drain snake only if the drilled hole is broad enough for the spines to pull back out in reverse or a sock adhesive-taped onto a piece of wire. You may like to bind or stripe a long string onto the handle end of the drain snake or wire if in case you coincidently drop it so you could use the string to pull it back out.
  • In addition to washing & rubbing the window, another way is to place a fan towards the spot after drilling some holes in the seal. This in turn, enhances the airflow betwixt the panes & authorizes any moisture that has gathered there to dry out. But remember only moisture will get removed not dirt buildup by this step.
  • Inspite of not being aware of the location of the initial break in the seal, the issue will continue. Due to this reason, it is not recommended to seal the holes again so that you can clean the window when needed. Also, if you were supposed to seal the drilled holes, you would have been sealing in the moisture that is currently in the air inside.

Step 2: Without Drilling

If in case you are only concerned about the moisture problem & not the dirt buildup, then, in that case, go through one of the following methods to get rid of the moisture inside the window:
  • Dehumidifier: You need to place a dehumidifier nearby the window, which may contain one among the following: dehumidifier machine, a small room dehumidifier like Damp Rid, or a DIY option like a container of charcoal fuel with a few holes jolted in the cover of the container.
  • Moisture Absorber: You can also place a moisture absorber alongside the bottom edge. This can be either a water hose or a few dehydrated packages.
  • Space Heater: Another method is to place a space heater nearby the window or keep the position aof the hairdryer towards it. This may help the water to dehydrate.
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