How To Clean Shower Doors With Vinegar: Step By Step Guide For Cleaning Shower Doors Using Vinegar

Step By Step Guide For Cleaning Shower Doors Using The Vinegar

The white vinegar comes in very handy for the cleaning of the shower doors. Watermarks as well as the soap scum can make a shower door spotted mess. The step by step guide for cleaning shower doors with the vinegar is mentioned below:
  1. While the pure vinegar is used for cleaning a shower door, the smell that it has, can be a little bit strong while spraying it. For the more diluted form of a solution, mix an equal amount of the vinegar with the water into a spray bottle shake well to mix. Now spray the solution thoroughly to cover up both sides of the shower door, allowing the solution to sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. Wipe down the shower doors with the help of a damp, clean sponge afterward.
  2. For the stains or build-ups that are very hard to remove from the shower door, in that case, first of all, squirt the doors with the help of straight vinegar and then leave the vinegar to sit on the door for a few minutes. After that pour a small amount of the salt and the baking soda over a damp sponge, after that start rubbing it on the buildup for giving the door a proper cleaning. After that, wipe down the door with the help of a damp, clean sponge.
  3. Clean all the runners of the bathroom shower doors using an old toothbrush. Pour a small amount of the white toothpaste over the brush and after that scrub the runners to remove all the dirt, grime, etc. After that, spray the vinegar solution over the runners once finished and rinse well with the help of clean water.
  4. Dry the shower doors with the help of a clean towel and also make sure they are well cleaned. If there is any remaining dirt, then repeat all the steps mentioned until the shower doors are sparkle clean.
  5. Take a clean cloth and then saturate it with the baby oil and then start wiping down the shower doors with that cloth. The baby oil will help to further prevent the soap scum from getting build up and also helps to minimize the amount of time taken in between the cleanings. The lemon oil can be used as an alternative in place of the baby oil for wiping down the shower doors after the cleaning is done. It will also give the same safety against the soap scum as well as also leave a fresh scent of the lemony behind.

Useful Tips

  • Glass cleaner can also be used in place of the vinegar and the water solution, but the cleaner will not help to prevent the buildup or can cut through the soap scum, and also it is not as effective on the plastic shower doors.
  • For the shower door cleaning process, a handheld showerhead works best. The user can use a showerhead that is handheld to rinse the hard to reach spots that will also include runners and the inside of the doors.
  • If in case the vinegar alone will not do the job, then use a commercial soap scum remover. In most cases, this will not be needed.
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