How To Clean Mineral Deposits From Shower Doors: Step By Step Process Of Removing Mineral Deposits

Step By Step Process Of Removing Mineral Deposits From Shower Doors

Mineral deposits are mostly caused by excessive mineral content in water. The users having hard or mineral heavy water will find rust stains, discoloration spots, as well as an inclementness on their bathroom glass, porcelain and chrome. The process of getting rid of the mineral deposits from glass shower doors is a problem of harsh cleaning methods as well as a small amount of outdated elbow grease. If in case you find mineral deposits on your shower door, then you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. To perform this task yourself, you need to go through the below-mentioned step by step process carefully and achieve the desired result of your task:
  • Firstly, take a spray bottle & intermix white vinegar with some water and then start spraying onto the glass door. You need to be sure that the area is fully soaked and let the redundant vinegar sprinkle into the base of the stall. While performing this step, wear a face mask as its smell may be quite overwhelming, or you can also switch on the extractor fan.
  • Now, let the vinegar to rinse the door for a while & then scrub smoothly using a plastic bristle brush. The key here is to ignore using metal brushes or scouring pads to avoid scratching the glass and allow dirt and deposits to enter the scratched surface.
  • Wash the whole area with clean cold water to eliminate vinegar & mineral deposits. If in case you still find some of the buildup indications, then consider a second or third round of vinegar spray & scrubbing.
  • Next, make the area dry with a soft porous towel or cloth. The major reason for buildup on glass shower doors is the leftover dampness left over after every shower use. Cleaning & making the glass dry can minimize a lot of mineral buildup.
  • After that, combine lemon juice with hot water & put this mixture in a spray bottle in order to use it on areas where mineral deposits are not built up in large amounts. The lemon juice will not be as powerful as the vinegar spray but will be the best option when it comes to mild cases of deposit and buildup.
  • Next, select a useful phosphoric acid-filled bathroom cleaner to eliminate mineral deposits from your glass shower door. These types of cleaners are efficient in eliminating built-up deposits swiftly and effectively.
  • The Users can also go for water softener in order to assist minimize mineral deposit buildup over time. Water softeners are mostly used to split and terminate minerals that enter the home through the pipe system. This helps prevent and remove buildup on shower doors and other bathroom fixtures. If the need arises you can call the local municipality to get the information about specific demands in your area.
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