How To Clean Antique Furniture: Steps To Clean Antique Furniture, Hardware & Upholstery

Antique Furniture is regarded as the valuable furniture that can have layers of dirt, grime, and dust which have been accumulated from many years, while cleaning the antique furniture please don't use the harsh chemical cleaners. After cleaning, the furniture should be cleaned and polished regularly.

Steps To Clean The Antique Furniture Wood finish

1.Choose A Mild Cleaner: In order to keep the antique furniture damage free use the mild cleaners. A mild dish soap which is diluted in water is a best and safe choice for most antiques. If in any case, the mild soap does not work that time use the slightly stronger cleaner but use in a small amount.
2.Apply The Application: Apply the cleaner with a wet rag and small amount of cleaner, gently rub the surface and keep wiping the surface with the same rag, it is advisable to avoid the scrubbing, rub the furniture in the direction of the wood grains.
3.Remove Stuck On Stains With Steel Wool: For the strong grime and stains use the steel wool gently and not use too much force, Keep rubbing surface until the unwanted dirt and debris is gone.
4.Use A Toothbrush In Hard-to-reach Places: Some areas in the furniture are very hard to reach that time use the toothbrush, simply dip the brush in the cleaning solution.
5.Wipe Down The Furniture: After cleaning process is done wipe down the furniture with a clean cloth or dry rag and allow it to dry.
6.Polish The Furniture When Finished: After the furniture is completely dry then add a layer of polish that will make the furniture glow and shine. silicone-based polishes should be avoided on antiques.

How To Clean Antique Furniture Hardware

The steps to clean the Antique Furniture Hardware are mentioned below:
1.Verifying Metal: First of all, it is the best option to verify the metal of the Antique Furniture Hardware it can be real brass, or brass-plated.
2.Choosing A Cleaner: Always use a commercial tarnish cleaner that will work on all type of metal or the user can make the solution by mixing the juice of half a lemon and 1/4 cup table salt.
3.Cleaning: Now wash the Antique Furniture Hardware hot, soapy water. The washing will remove all the dirt, grime and dust that has been accumulated over the years, then Pat dry with a towel. After that, rub the chosen cleaner over the hardware with a rag, Rinse and repeat the process until all tarnish is removed.

How To Clean Antique Furniture Upholstery

The procedure to clean the Antique Furniture Upholstery is given below:
  • Begin with carefully dry vacuuming the upholstery. A simple vacuuming removes nearly 70% of the grime and dirt from the upholstery.
  • After that apply a foam to sponge and gently test by rubbing a spot on an inconspicuous area of upholstery.
  • Then vacuum it once more while the fabric is still wet. Let the upholstery dry. It is not advised to use the furniture until it is completely dry.
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