Pros And Cons Of Maple Hardwood Flooring: General Overview, Advantages And Disadvantages

General Overview

Maple wood has a beautiful hardwood flooring option that is gaining popularity day by day throughout the world particularly in the United States. Maple wood offers both hard and soft types and has a number of options available for flooring like solid, laminate, and engineered maple flooring.
Is Maple Hardwood Flooring Durable?
The Maple Hardwood flooring is quite durable and comes with a long life. Its hardness protects it against the dents. However, it must be noted that maple hardwood flooring should be finished with polyurethane to protect it from getting scratched.
Which One Is Better Maple Or Oak?
Maple is much harder than oak but maple can attract the bugs. Whereas, White oak comes with endurance and good resistance. The white oak is ideal for outdoor purposes.


Some of the main advantages of the Maple hardwood flooring are as follows:
Beauty: Maple hardwood flooring reflects the unique charm and looks beautiful with any interiors.
In Expensive: The Maplewood hard flooring offers a number of affordable options to make the desired floor.
Durability And Hardness: Maple hardwood floor does not dent as it's very harder and comes with long endurance.
Environment-Friendly: Maple grows fast as compared to other hardwood trees and is an eco-friendly choice.
Easy Maintenance: The flooring is easy to maintain and clean with simple soapy water.
Clean Look: Maple hardwood flooring does not have many grains and offers a clean and beautiful look.

Disadvantages/ Cons

Scratches: If not coated with polyurethane it is prone to scratches.
Discoloration: Over the period of time Maple hardwood flooring start discoloring.
Not Compatible With Staining: The flooring may not stain well and can leave uneven patches. So in case of staining Maple hardwood flooring always requires the professional to get the job done with perfection.
Heat Sensitivity: The flooring may wrap or split in case of heat and temperature changes.
Least Grains: Individuals may not get the ample grain pattern in maple hardwood flooring.
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