Varnish Over Acrylic Paint Furniture: Benefits & How To Use

Benefits Of Using Varnish Over Acrylic Paint Furniture And How To Use It?

Using varnish over acrylic painted furniture is the final and important process. The varnish has so many benefits like it will protect the furniture from dust, and provides the full protection against UV rays if the furniture is kept outside. Varnish comes in a number of finishes like gloss, satin or matte. clear varnish is a Polyurethane which becomes solid and hard after drying. The varnish protects the wooden furniture from scratches and prevents the acrylic paint from peeling as it works as a sealing coat.

How To Use Varnish On Acrylic Paint Furniture?
It is very easy to use the varnish, it is used as the last step in the painting process after the acrylic paint final coat is dried then the user can use the varnish as a sealant.
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