Lacquer Vs Varnish: Differences Between Varnish And Lacquer

Differences Between Varnish And Lacquer

Both lacquer and varnish provide the shiny and glossy finishes to furniture surfaces. The lacquer comes in clear or colored options, and varnish is completely transparent, some of the difference between them are mentioned below:
  1. Durability: Both the products have the durable and long lasting finishes but the lacquer is more hard wearing than the varnish and this is the reason that lacquer can produce the much harder finish.
  2. Application And Drying: The lacquer is sprayed and varnish is brushed, the main difference is that due to evaporating solvents in the lacquer it will dry more quickly than the varnish and one coat of the lacquer is sufficient while varnish requires many coats.
  3. Flammability: Varnish is less flammable then the lacquer.
  4. Other Uses: Both the products can be applied to the wooden surface to give it a glossy finish, but the lacquer makes a good metal finish because of the highly durable properties.
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