Vintage Acrylic Furniture: Chairs, Dining Sets

Vintage Acrylic Dining Sets And chairs

The vintage is providing stylish and fully transparent acrylic furniture. It is designed in a marvelous way and It comes with 6-piece, 4-piece, and 8-piece of chairs and a general table. On some dining’s, the top of the table is not of Acrylic material it comprises of real glass which gives it the best transparent look.
Vintage Acrylic Dining Chairs
The Vintage Acrylic Dining Chairs are designed in such a beautiful way like the upper fabric seat is of pure Dunlop and the whole chair is of Acrylic.
Acrylic Dining Chair: It is a transparent dining chair and can be used anywhere in home and offices. It is having a modern look. It is a heavy duty plastic and it is so easy to clean.
LeisureMod Marion Acrylic Modern Chair: It is made from Transparent Polycarbonate and it is not that much heavy. It can be used in outdoor and indoor areas of the home.

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