How To Stop Bed Moving On Laminate Floor: 3 Easy Ways Of Stopping Bed From Moving On Laminate Floor

3 Easy Ways Of Stopping Your Bed From Moving On Laminate Floor

It is highly possible that your bed will slide across your laminate floor, leaving visible marks on the floor finish. These marks could also be deep enough in order to damage or ruin the wood. The only way when it comes to getting rid of such marks would be to refinish the floor. Refinishing your laminate floor is more expensive, however, preventing the damage is very easy. You will also notice that your floor appears old as well as worn out with scratches and marks. Likewise, if the bed slides when you are getting up or lying down, you may fall down and probably sustain an injury. The problem needs to be solved as soon as possible for all these reasons. Some of the best ways are mentioned-below that will help you stop your bed from moving on a laminate floor:

Way 1: Place Non-Slip Furniture Grippers On Bed Feet

One of the best ways when it comes to stop a bed from moving on a laminate floor is to position non-slip furniture gripper pads on the bed feet. It is regarded as one of the most effective as well as cheapest ways to stop your bed from sliding on hard floor surfaces including laminate, hardwood, tile & vinyl floors. There are many furniture grippers that can be perfect but it is highly recommended to use the X-Protector Non-Slip Furniture Pads Furniture Grippers, which has many advantages including the following:
  • These types of furniture pads have a rubber bottom that tightly grips your laminate flooring, which in turn makes it impossible for your bed to move around. The upper side of these pads has this firm & powerful adhesive that tightly holds these pads onto your bed feet, as a result, prevents them from coming off even with the slightest movement.
  • Another great benefit is that these grippers safeguard your laminate floor against scratches as well as dents from the sliding bed. In addition, these furniture pads will help prevent noise when moving your bed or other furniture across the floor. They are usually great to use if you are living on the upper floors, making sure you don’t have to annoy your neighbors every time you are arranging furniture.
  • Apart from beds, these furniture grippers are best for all types of furniture which may include recliners, sofas, sectionals, dressers, flower pots, vases, tables, chairs, etc. They also work on all types of floors such as marble, vinyl, hardwood, tile, linoleum, and others.

Way 2: Place Bed Stopper Caster Cups On Bed With Wheels

For those kinds of beds that have wheels, the X-Protector Non-Slip Furniture Pads Grippers will not be the best choice, due to the fact that the wheels will just slide over these pads. Instead, you will need furniture stopper caster cups, which will help keep your bed wheels away from rolling on your laminate floor. These caster cups usually stop the movement of your bed wheels. And, due to the reason that they are constructed using silicone which is a little bit soft, they won’t damage your beautiful laminate floor with scratches & they won’t slip as well. It is highly recommended to use The Yupeak Bed Stopper & Furniture Stopper-Caster Cups for your bed wheels. You can position these caster cups on any other furniture with wheels that compute no more than 4-inches in diameter. They are really durable, affordable, as well as completely safe for all types of floors which may include hardwood, tile, vinyl, marble, linoleum, and other hard floor surfaces.

Way 3: Place A Thick Area Rug Under Your Bed

Placing a thick area rug underneath your bed is another best way when it comes to stopping your bed from slipping on the laminate floor. Placing a high-pile carpet is usually a very effective method, due to the reason that the thick fibers will give your bed feet something to grip on, which in turn prevents them from sliding. Before you buy an area rug for your bed, it is important to take the dimensions of the area that you want to be covered. The best example of a thick-pile area rug that prevents your bed from moving on a laminate floor is the Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Taupe Area Rug. It is really thick which will really help stop your bed from moving. It will also safeguard your laminate flooring against scratches as well as dents.
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