How To Cover Bed Frame Legs: Proper Procedure Of Covering Bed Frame Legs

Proper Procedure Of Covering Bed Frame Legs

Beds are available in different shapes as well as sizes, and sometimes it is highly possible that you will need to cover the legs of the bed frame. Possibly, you are looking to add extra padding for your pet, or perhaps you want to make your bed look taller. Either way, you can easily cover the bed frame legs in just a few minutes. Bed frames are an important piece of bedroom furniture, which as a result provides a sturdy foundation for your mattress and give your bed a polished look. However, bed frame legs can be unpleasant to look at and even dangerous, particularly if made of sharp metal. Covering bed frame legs is a simple way when it comes to improving the appearance of your bed and protecting against accidental bumps and scrapes. Covering the legs with fabric or foam can help to reduce noise from the frame. Additionally, covering the legs can safeguard against dust as well as dirt buildup, which in turn helps keep your bed clean and debris-free.

Step 1: Choose The Right Fabric

First of all, you need to pick a durable & long-lasting fabric with some weight to it in order to make sure that it will hang nicely. A light fabric might also work, however, you will, in all likelihood, have to use more than one layer in order to get the desired look as well as feel.

Step 2: Cut The Fabric

After selecting the right type of fabric, use a measuring tape in order to measure as well as mark the fabric in accordance with the dimensions of your bed frame legs. Add an extra inch or two to each measurement in order to allow seam allowance and fabric gathering. Then, you need to trim the fabric along the marked lines.

Step 3: Attach The Fabric

There are a few different ways when it comes to attaching or securing the fabric to the bed frame legs. You can use one among the glue, staples, or even sew it on. Certainly, if you go the sewing route, it is important to use heavy-duty thread and needles.

Step 4: Add A Hem

You need to add a hem to the fabric if you are looking for a finished look. To do this, you need to fold over the fabric 1/2 inch before ironing it in place. Then, again fold over the fabric 1/2 inch before again ironing it in place. Finally, sew through the edge of the fabric in order to create a clean hem. Now that your bed frame legs are covered, you can enjoy your new bed. This simple project can really change the appearance of your bedroom and give it a more polished as well as put-together appearance.

Easiest Way To Cover Wooden Bed Frame Legs

There are a few different ways when it comes to covering the legs of your wooden bed frame, which is entirely dependent on the appearance you are looking for. If you are looking for a sleek and modern look, then you can select metal or plastic caps, which can be found at the majority of hardware stores, and they need to be screwed into place. However, if you are looking for something more decorative, then the best option that you could use is fabric covers. These can be composed of an old scarf or piece of fabric, and you need to tie them around the legs of the bed frame. Alternatively, you could use tassels or fringe in order to achieve a similar effect. Whichever method you select, covering the legs of your bed frame is a quick as well as an easy way to give your bedroom a fresh new look.
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