How To Cover Box Spring Without Bed Skirt: Different Ways Of Covering Box Spring Without Bed Skirt

Different Ways Of Covering Box Spring Without Bed Skirt

Box springs are regarded as a popular & well-known style of bed base usually designed to offer traditional types of mattresses an additional dose of support. Box spring bed frames are considered the most durable bed foundations that you can find on the market. They have so many benefits, including motion isolation, a tall mattress, a long lifespan, and much more. Unfortunately, they are not always praised for their appearances. Manufacturers often select patterned or dark tones when it comes to hiding wear as well as discoloration that comes with years, as these bed frames can last for decades. If you are looking to cover & protect a box spring bed frames, then go through one of the below-mentioned ways carefully:

Way 1: Repurpose Your Fitted Sheet

If you want a no-buy solution to your bed frame problems and have some extra bedding to spare, then it is best to try slipping a fitted or flat sheet over your box spring. Due to the fact that the bed bases are wider and more angular as compared to mattresses, take care not to overstretch or tear your fitted sheet if you try this solution. If your fitted sheet is composed of a flexible fabric, for instance, Jersey, you may be able to achieve a flattering, streamlined appearance for your bed base.

Way 2: Make Room For Storage

For many sleepers, especially, those who live in tight quarters, obtaining a way to organize and store bedroom clutter can be a permanent burden. This under-the-bed storage space is an excellent way when it comes to putting your possessions in their place & at the same time draw attention away from your box spring. You can store everything ranging from winter wear that won’t adjust in your closet to seasonal bedding that can keep you cool during hot summer nights. To incorporate extra storage underneath your box spring, you will need two things:
  • Bed Risers
    The most popular & well-known material when it comes to bed risers is plastic, however, you will also find more aesthetically attractive options in wood, metal, and even vibrant acrylics in order to match your bedroom color scheme.
  • Storage Containers
    Rolling drawers, rattan baskets, as well as wooden storage bins are aesthetically flattering ways when it comes to making the most of your storage space.

As it happens, keeping your bedroom clutter-free is not only a matter of tidiness, environmental signals are a determining factor in sleep hygiene, telling your brain as well as body whether they can ease into the state of relaxation that precedes a solid night’s sleep.

Way 3: Overhead Canopy

Another best way when it comes to concealing box springs is through decor, where you need to take into consideration mounting a canopy over your bed. As a fancy design element, canopies can also have functional benefits, for instance, separating out ambient light from your cocoon or even being bug-proof and keeping insects, such as mosquitoes from disturbing your rest.

Way 4: Different Bed Frame

If you are in the middle of doing or dealing with how to cover a box spring, it may be best to take a step back and ask do you need a box spring? Box spring bed frames were usually built for mattresses that are designed with innerspring, a structural component that most of the modern mattresses no longer use. In fact, modern mattresses have support, shock absorption, as well as plushness written into their makeup already, and box springs can in fact damage the longevity of their designs. You can use the following modern types of mattresses without a box spring:
  • Latex
  • Foam
  • Hybrid

Apart from not being compulsory for these types of mattresses, box springs are also a popular host of dust mites, which can aggravate allergies. If you have a latex, foam, or hybrid mattress, you can easily pair it with one of two types of bed bases instead:
  • Platform
    Platforms, such as Casper’s Haven Bed Frame, sit lower to the ground, which in turn creates a cloud-like cushion for foam and hybrid mattresses.
  • Foundation
    Foundations, such as Casper’s Mattress Foundation + Base, are bed-makers’ modern take on box springs, having slats to give mattresses an additional dose of support and give.
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