How To Replace Garage Door Rollers: Easy & Best Ways Of Replacing Garage Door Rollers

Easy & The Best Ways Of Replacing The Garage Door Rollers

Replacing the door rollers can be a difficult task if you do not know how to do it properly. Here you will find the easy and the best ways of replacing the garage door rollers, go through these ways carefully in order to achieve the desired result:

Replacing A Top Roller

  1. Close The Garage Door: If the door is equipped with the electric door opener close the door. Pull-on the door release handle, and then click on the garage door's remote button to raise up the opener's carriage. Disconnect the door's electrical cord from the power outlet after the carriage stops moving.
  2. Loosen The Bolt: The bolts that fix the top roller mount to the door with the help of a socket set loose those bolts. With the roller attached from the mount, the user needs to slide the retainer bracket. In order to release the roller from the door channel angle the roller axle inwards. After that simply slide the roller axle from the bracket.
  3. Insert A New Roller Into The Bracket: Before rotating down the axle towards the door and also aligning the bracket with bolt on the mount, position down the roller at an angle and then slip the front edge of the roller right in the track. To secure the roller as well as the bracket to the mount tight the nut with the help of a socket set. Repeat the same process with the other top roller.
  4. Plug The Opener Back: Press the button on the remote which will help to lower the carriage until it will connect to the door's carriage arm. Raise as well as lower the door to check the operation of the new roller.

Replacing A Bottom Roller

  1. Raise The Garage Door: Raise up the door then disconnect the electric connection from the electrical outlet. Pull up the handle of rope to release the carriage.
  2. Place A C-clamp: In the track that is on the opposite side of the door where the roller is to be replaced place a c-clamp. Tight the C-clamp in the track about 12 inches right below the top of the opening of the door.
  3. Locate The Intersection: In the step the user needs to find out the intersection of the straight, vertical track as well as the 90-degree elbow section of the track which is under the damaged roller. Bend down the curved lip of the straight track that is under the intersection with the help of a pair of slip-joint pliers. This bend must be wide enough so that the roller will easily slip out of the track. Then try to roll the door in the downward direction with the hand until the roller is properly centered exactly in the widest portion of the bend.
  4. Place A Screwdriver: In between the bent edge of the roller and the channel keep a screwdriver. To push the roller out of the track simply pry on the screwdriver. Pull up the corner of the door in an inward direction, until the roller will clear the track.
  5. Slide New Roller: Slip out the old roller from the axle mount and then slide in a new roller in the mount. Press down the door back in the position that is adjacent to the track, and then slide in the roller into the track. In order to keep the new roller within the elbow portion of the track slide the garage door in an upward direction. With the help of a hammer straighten the bent track section to its original condition. Repeat the same process with the other bottom roller.

Replace a Hinge And Roller

  1. Close The Garage Door: Simply release the electric opener's and raise up the carriage. Disconnect the cord.
  2. Remove The Nuts From The Bolts: Above as well as below the hinge on the door remove the nuts using a socket set. Pull up the hinge away, angle the axle of the roller as this will help to release the roller from the track.
  3. Insert A New Roller: Into the new hinge's roller mount secure a new roller. Keep the front edge of the roller right into the track, and then rotate the hinge as well as the roller toward the door, position the mounting holes right on the hinge on the bolts of the door. Tight the nuts with the help of a socket set. Repeat the procedure with other hinges rollers.
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